• UPt!me FAQ

    +What is this all about ?
    It's just for fun. You just put simple script on Your Linux server and it updates our site with uptime and last boot time. It's like a competition, which server is most stable.

    +Why ?
    Why not ? Because we can :)

    +Is it safe ?
    Yes it is. Script only opens website passing some predefined data. Script is viewable and editable so You have full control what's going on.

    +What data is collected ? Cookies ? RODO ?
    We collect data sent by our users. Including OS sytem type, IP of sending machine, user email. This is collected to provide service for all participants. Also we use cookies to provide proper functionality of scripts and there are some 3rd party cookies like Google analytics for stats usage. We don't share any information about our users with other companies.

    +Who pays for this

    +Who is we ?
    To be exact - me :) You can visit https://nessip.vti.com.pl if You want to know more. (it's in Polish)

    +Is this all your work ?
    +Is this your idea?
    Not exactly. There were few same projects in the past, uptime24.net - closed lately, original uptime-project.net, and still working but without active users http://www.ircx.net.pl. So I came up with idea to resurrect idea. So we have new one :)
    +Is this only for fun???
    Not exactly. If You have few servers than probably You'd like to know if they are up and running or something happpened and they are down or have no internet connection. So once the script runs on the machine You can check its state on our site. Just see last update time.
    +Do You delete/remove any machines or uptimes
    Yes we do. If machine doesn't report for 48 hours the UPt!me is deleted from current list.
    +How can I support Your work ???
    It's nice that You're asking. You can donate via paypal. Any amount appreciated. Donators also will receive benefits like email notifications if machine won't update in an hour and You'll be able to add more than 3 machines to Your profile. Just click donate button below :)