• Once upon a t!me...

    It's all about UPt!me.

    Just quick intro. UPt!me is for geeks or regulars that have some machines/servers working for a long time and would like to compete with others.

    So...whose server has longest UPt!me ?? Check TOP 100 list...

    It can be also used to monitor status of Your server. If for some reason it doesn't report in an hour You can get notification email.

    For Linux and Windows(beta)

  • Some site stats:

    user count:14
    active machines:16
    alllt!me machines:20
    upt!me updates count:1815452
    alllt!me page views:37253

    and alllt!me UPt!me from all our records is : 12 years, 18 days, 22 hours, 56 minutes 51 sec

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